Counterpain Patch 10x7cm 4's

RM8.95 MYR

Effective for Pain Relief

Shoulder pain


Muscle pain


Relief of muscular and joint pain associated with lumbago , bruise , sprain , stiff shoulder , arthralgia , aching muscle , muscle fatigue , chilblains , and bone-fracture pains.

  • May apply patch several times a day (Max 4 times per day)
  • Do not use on children below 13 years old
  • Before use , apply a small piece of the patch on the soft area inside the arm to make sure that no symptoms , such as eruptions , redness , itching , and rashes occur
  • Remove the patch 1 hour prior to taking a bath / shower . Taking a bath/ shower immediately after removing the patch may cause strong irritation
  • Do not apply the patch if the affected areas are warmed with heating appliances such as foot warmer and electric blankets,
  • If your skin is sensitive , avoid repeated use at the same site.
  • Consult a doctor or pharmacist if the pain does not improve after 5 to 6 days of use.