Clinelle Whitenup Whitening Cleanser 100ml

RM27.15 MYR RM33.85 MYR

Whitenup Brightening Cleanser

Cleanse , hydrate and brighten

Contains Purple Rice , Vitamin C , Daisy Flower

10X Whitening Protect


For all skin types

No Paraben

Dermatologically Tested

A non-drying foaming gel cleanser that effectively removes impurities and helps strengthen skin barrier for better absorption of subsequent skincare products . Skin feels refreshed , soft and brighter.

10X White Protect

An advanced formula with powerful ingredients for brightening skin tone and providing extraordinary skin protection from photo-aging day and night.

Purple Rice Extract enhances the efficacy of Vitamin C to promote farier skin , It also protects skin against environmental aggression , keeping it moisturized and firmed.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to redefine skin texture while effectively lightens skin tone and reduces dark spots.

Daisy Flower Extract minimizes skin darkening and reduces pigmentation.


Squeeze sufficient amount onto damp hands and wpek into a lather ,

Gently massage in circular movements over face and neck

Rinse thoroughly with water

For Happy Skin Happy Face , follow with Whitenup skin care range