Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner Natural Black 881

RM28.85 MYR RM31.50 MYR

With Natural Herbs

Speedy Darkening

Covers your grey hair in 5 minutes

Easy and Comfortable Application

Just comb through , applying Non-Drip Cream with Applicator Comb.

Vital-Moisturizing Formula

The unique " Vital-Moisturizing Formula " enriches and moisturizes your hair

Natural Herbal Extracts and Taurine

6 natural herbal extracts penetrate deeply into every single hair

(Balm Mint , Fennel , Hops , Chamomile , Mistletoe , Yarrow )

Long-lasting color with Taurine

Color-lasting agent

Smart Saving


You can use only the necessary amount , keeping the remainder for future applications.



How to Use

1. Squeeze the same amount of cream from each tube on Applicator Comb

2.Comb through from the grayest part

3.Wait for 5minutes . Rinse hair thoroughly with water , then shampoo well