Beta Heart 28's Chocolate

RM49.99 MYR

BetaHeart is a delicious 2-in-1 blend of Oats and Barley powder with concentrated Beta Glucan (over 3g) scientifically proven to reduce LDL cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart. Suitable for people with Diabetes.

Benefits of Beta Heart

  • Reduced cholesterol levels within weeks
  • Restored regularity and healthier gut health
  • Increased Dietary fiber intake
  • Low GI for sustained energy
  • General wellbeing



  1.  Beta Heart Beta-Glucan (when consumed, the Beta-Glucan absorbs water within the body and dissolves to form a thick viscous gel.)
  2. Bile Acids (This viscous gel helps dispel cholesterol by binding to the bile acids in the digestive system.)
  3. Cholesterol(Bile acids are made in the liver using LDL cholesterol and are normally recycled by our bodies for reuse. By encapsulating the bile acids they are prevented from being reabsorbed, and are passed harmlessly out of the body )