Beauxlim Lemon Mix Fibre Complex 30Free10

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Beauxlim Lemon Mix Fibre Complex is a functional fibre drink formulated to suit today's modern lifestyle. Made from 100% all-natural plant-based ingredients, it helps achieve sufficient fibre intake, relieve constipation, detoxify the body system and promote natural weight loss. Lemon, the super fruit, helps improve digestion and detoxify the body, while green tea extract helps fuel weight loss by increasing metabolism as well as making it easier for the body to break down fat.


Beauxlim Lemon Mix Fibre Complex has no added preservatives or chemical additives. It is definitely a delicious drink to enjoy daily for good health.

Dietary Fibre

  • Promotes regular bowel movement.
  • Increases inhabitance of beneficial intestinal bacteria.
  • Helps increase the excretion of fat in the stool.


Green Tea Extract

  • Helps to fuel weight loss by increasing metabolism.
  • Helps the body to break down fat more easily.



  • Wards off free radicals to prevent cellular damage.
  • Boosts the body'simmune system.
  • Aids digestion & detoxification.



  • A type of functional fibre.
  • Acts as a prebiotic agent.
  • Helps promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.
  • Enhances body's uptake of calcium in the colon.


Vitamin C

  • Natural Free Radical Scavenger.
  • Prevents cold and has anti-allergy properties.
  • Helps improve metabolism.