Artelac Lipids Eye Drops 0.5mlx30 strips

RM26.05 MYR RM28.85 MYR

Artelac Splash is an idea product for instantly soothing and hydrating dry eyes caused by environmental factors.It naturally refreshes and calms dry eyes,relieving symptoms of irritated ,tired,dry even teary eyes.

  • It is a crystal clear eye drop solution
  • It is free of preservatives
  • It contains polymer sodium hyaluronate,which is found within the natural structures of a healthy human eye and its tear film
  • It is suitable for wetting and re-wetting of both soft and rigid contact lenses while wearing and improves the comfort of your lences noticeably all day long
  • It is easy to use,well tolerated,and safe


  1. Holding it by the label,separate one single-dose unit from the strip.
  2. Twist the top cap off the single-dose unit
  3. Learn your head back slightly and gently pull your lower eye-lid down with a finger of your free hand.Hold the single-dose unit as vertically as possible above your eye with the nozzle pointing downwards then gently squeeze the single-dose unit to apply one drop into the eye. Close your eye afterwards and slowly move it back and forth and then blink your eyes in order to optimally spread the drop on the surface of your eye.Avoid contact of the trip of the single-dose unit with your eyes or fingers to prevent any possible contamination of the solution.