AppetonWeight Gain Adult Vanila 450g

RM75.95 MYR RM88.75 MYR

Contains Lysine 1.2g

High Protein Milk Formula

Appeton Weight Gain (Adults) is a specially formulated high protein formula with a protein quality of PER 3.1 (Protein Efficient Ratio) . With a variety of easily digestible nutrients and L-Protemax that are essential for tissue growth , this formulation helps growing teenagers , adults , athletes , and body builders to gain weight healthily . Together with calcium , multivitamins and other minerals , it helps to maintain strong bones and body .


  • Add 40-50g(4 scoops )to 300ml of warm water
  • To drink 2 to 3 times daily , one hour after each meal . Important to maintain other usual diet pattern .

Cover opened tin and store in a cool dry place but NOT refrigerated . Consume content within 3 weeks after opening .