Anti-Pollution Face Mask 3's kids

RM37.00 MYR RM41.05 MYR

The RespoKare Anti-Pollution Mask is the first personal protection product with the capability to neutralize hazardous oxidizing gases in air pollution:

  • Filters ≥ 98.5% of PM2.5 particulates* 
  • The Active Respo Layer neutralizes ≥ 90% Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), and other toxic gases including Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

Unique design of “NO2 Indicator System” allows easy identification of the level of NO2 in air pollution, and also a mean to indicate the longevity of the mask when contacting air pollutants

The kids mask comes in 3 unique and attractive designs all packed neatly inside a 3 Pc pack.

  • ONLY MASK in the market that protects wearer from both PM2.5 particulates and toxic gases like NO2
  • Comes with a Pollution indicator which changes color upon exposure to air pollution
  • Filters ≥98% of PM2.5 particulates and neutralizes > 90% of toxic gases
  • 3 unique and different designs in each pack