Anmum Essential Step 4 Plain 500g

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3 years and above

Every child is born with the same amount of brain cells -100billion-but not all are connected .The better your child's brain cells connect , the faster he learns and develops - mentally , creatively , and socially

Anmum Essential Step 4 is specially formulated by nutritional experts for children 3 years old abd above with Nuelipid a complex milk lipid that contains GA , and essential vitamins and minerals

As the world's largest dairy exporter , Fonterra has a long history with over 100years of dairy farming and milk processing expertise . Fonterra is owned by farmers that produce the milk with complete control of its milk processing and its supply chain . From the grass we feed the cows , to the milk you and your child drinks , we make sure we produce safe , high quality and nutritious dairy products

Storage Instructions

  1. Please store pack in a cool and dry place , before and after opening it .
  2. Once opened , fold and clip the cut section
  3. Keep pack in a clean , dry and air tight container. To ensure product freshness,please close container tightly
  4. Use content within 3 weeks after opening it