Weighing scales face off

With healthy lifestyle becoming more mainstream, almost all of us will need a way of gauging how we're doing in terms of body weight.

Recent advances in technology has made digital weighing scales accurate and more importantly, more affordable than ever.

Here are 4 weighing scales that have been faring really well in our pharmacy:


Canny Electronic Weighing Scale

This machine embodies the local saying "cheap and good". Crazily affordable, this is by far the fastest selling weighing scale in our pharmacy. For those like me who don't really know the meaning of the word canny, it means "having good judgment". And in a weighing scale, that is actually very important :)
Canny also means pleasant and nice, and the design is exactly that. Without the need to calibrate the machine manually, it automatically calibrates the device every time you put it on a different surface level.

2. Oserio Weighing Scale

Oserio is a Taiwanese company specialised in making machines for weight watchers. Apart from weighing scales, they have a multitude of other monitoring devices that can measure body fat, metabolic age etc.

The stand out point of Oserio will be it's subtle and feminine colors. It comes in an array of aesthetically pleasing tertiary colors like fuschia, lavender etc.





Medisana Glass personal weighing scale PS 400

This is yet another highly sought after scale, by German Manufacturer Medisana. Where else can you find a digital weighing scale that is simple yet pleasing to the eye, below RM70, yet comes with a 3 year warranty? It's the only weighing scale to our knowledge offering this kind of warranty.

The design of the scale is very German itself. Meant to fit in and not stand out, its mostly transparent design and greyish silverish parts sends out the feeling of precise German engineering.





Rossmax WB100 Glass Personal Scale

The Rossmax scale is another quality scale very much like the others, except for one obvious difference--the painting on the scale itself was done by a child, and the innocence of the painting shines through and brightens any room it is in. I would imagine it would be perfect for any family with children, expecting mothers, nurseries, or anybody with a child like soul.

The "artists" that designed the scale is no ordinary kid though. The painting was the masterpiece of the daughter of the boss of Rossmax. A very cool way to keep your child's works immortalised in homes of many others.