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Bringing along your meds while traveling is becoming a trend for most travelers, mainly because it saves you tonnes of trouble trying to get medication while abroad. So we get a lot of inquiries on what to bring when traveling overseas. The answer will depend very much on the climate conditions of the destination, and also on what kind of activities you may take part in.

Below is a simple set of instructions to get to the list of meds most suited for your travels. 

1. Know your exact dates of travel, and destination. If you already know the temperature, then skip straight to step 4.

2. If you need to check what the temperature is on your travel date, go to and get the "REAL FEEL" temperature (it will take into account the temperature, wind speed and humidity). If the temperature range is big, lets say a high of 16°C and a low of 5°C, I suggest you go for the lower reading.

3. Remember to change the °F to °C. If you cannot find where to change this unit, just convert it HERE.

4. Click on one of the following categories: