Travel 30-40 degrees

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Medication Check List

1. Travel sickness prevention pills.

2. Sunscreen/sunblock spf 30-50+, with added aloe vera gel if there is a risk of sunburn.

3. Antifungal creams/powder for sweaty feet/body.

4. Analgesics like panadol/NSAIDS.

5. Gastric Medication.

6. Cough & Flu Medication (Non-drowsy). If needed, get those with decongestants.

7. Sleeping aids for those that suffer from jet lag.

8. Food Poisoning aids. And probiotics if needed.

9. Hand sanitizers (alcohol based).

10. Steroid and antiseptic creams for minor cuts/stings.

11. Disposable underwear.

12.   Non-drowsy cough medication or cough lozenges


Activity specific meds for:(Click for medication list)

1. open sea fishing or long bumpy boat rides

2. rough sports/activities that could cause minor injuries

3. Trekking in the jungle/outdoors

4. traveling  with children