travel 0-10 degrees

Go through the following list of medication by asking "Do I need..." from top to bottom


Medication Check List

1. Travel sickness prevention pills.

2. RICH moiturisers like Moogoo Full Cream, Moogoo Scalp Cream, Dermal Intensive dry skin cream.

3. Heavy lip balms & Hand creams for people with dry skin.

4. Nasal Sprays/Moisturisers like Ialumar, which contains hyaluronic acid.

5. For Sinus sufferers, Oxymetazoline or Steroid nasal sprays.

6. Flu Medication (Non-drowsy). Something with decongestants will be a good choice.

7. Pain & fever medication like Paracetamol and Brufen.

8.. Sleeping aids for those that suffer from jet lag.

9. Steroid creams to prevent dryness related rash.

10. Eye Drops with hyaluronic acid to moisturise dry eyes sufferers.

11. Food Poisoning/diarrhea aids like charcoal.

12. Alcohol based hand sanitizers.

13. Gastric Medication.

14. Non-drowsy cough medication or cough lozenges 

Activity specific meds for: (Click for list of meds)

1. open sea fishing or long bumpy boat rides

2. rough sports/activities that could cause minor injuries

3. Travelling with children