The notorious brown urine

Rhabdomyolysis and Exercise (The notorious brown urine)

Rhabdomyolysis put simply, means the destruction of muscles. There can be many causes for Rhabdo, like trauma, certain drugs etc, but what I want to highlight here today is very strenuous exercise can very well be a culprit too. It is dangerous because it can cause kidney damage.

For people who haven't been exercising that much, and suddenly decide to do crazy amounts of exercise (like team sports that "force" u to go the distance), or repetitive light exercises that seem quite harmless (sit-ups, squats etc), Rhabdomyolysis is a very real threat.
Contrarily, doing heavy weight lifting doesn't pose a risk that high.

Symptoms include very dark red/brown urine, extreme fatigue/pain in a particular muscle/area. If you have these symptoms after your exercise session, it's best to admit yourself to a hospital for blood tests of creatine kinase levels, etc. Treatment will usually consist of IV normal saline,and sodium bicarbonate to alkalinise the blood. The aim is to flush out as much myoglobin as possible from your blood.

To prevent this from happening, remember to hydrate yourself really well before and after exercise. Also remember to take it slow when you start/restart your exercise regime.

Hope this will reach all you exercise freaks out there