Strengthening Exercises for the Elderly with co-morbidities (Level 2)

After you are comfortable with the previous exercises, we now want to improve our muscle strength will small weights. Try out the following exercises with gradual increments, starting from 5 reps per session to 10 reps per session.

"Weighted double arm clap". Work with the lightest weights 1st. As you feel stronger, gradually increase the weights.

"Weighted Angel Wings". 


"Weighted bicep curls".


"Weighted double arm punch".


"Horse Riding with weights".

"Front Kick with Resistance Band". Do this slowly, especially when lowering your foot. You can purchase a resistance band easily from most sports stores. But if you prefer to get it from us, do let our pharmacists know. They will order one for you.

"Open Wide with Resistance". This exercise strengthens the outer thighs.

"Twisting Uppercut with Resistance". This exercise strengthens not only your arm muscles, but your core as well.


"Downward Slice with resistance".

Gradually increase the weights and resistance of the bands as you get stronger. Do not be in a hurry. Only move up when you are really comfortable with your existing weight/resistance.