Strengthening Exercises for the Elderly with co-morbidities (Level 1)

This page of exercises are meant for people above the age of 60, and haven't been exercising regularly.

Start by performing each of the actions 5 times (5 Reps), then move on to the next exercise.


"Flightless angel wings". Doing this will strengthen your deltoids (shoulder muscles).


"Double arm super slap". This exercise will strengthen our shoulder and chest muscles.


"Double arm bicep curls (without weights)". This exercise will strengthen your--you guessed it, biceps.

"Double arm super punch". This exercise will help strengthen your triceps and shoulder muscles.


"Twinkle-twinkle little star". This exercise strengthens your forearms.


"Get your butt off that chair". This exercise is just standing up and sitting down, but do make sure your feet are tucked in a little before you stand up. This is a very important exercise that strengthens our buttock muscles and thighs.

 "Marching on the spot". Do this only if you can balance yourself on one leg well. Be sure to minimize the impact when you put your foot down.

After you have done all of these exercises (5 reps each) on a daily basis and feel very comfortable, it's time to increase the reps to 10 reps each session.

After that, you may proceed to the next phase of your exercise routine, which is strengthening with light weights and bands (Click here).