Storing Your Emergency Health Details in Your iPhone Lock Screen

Any iPhone user on iOS 8 and above can use this feature, in case they are unable to communicate effectively in times of emergency. This is especially useful for the elderly, the not-so-literate, and perhaps adolescents.

First of all, you need to locate the "Health" app pre-installed in every iOS 8 device.

Click "Medical ID" on the bottom right corner.



Make sure the "show when locked" Option is turned on.


Key in relevant and important medical conditions like DRUG ALLERGIES, MEDICAL CONDITIONS LIKE ASTHMA, ETC. Remember to save your info. Also, make sure you key i other important info like blood type, emergency contact etc

When your phone is still in the lock screen, tap on "emergency"


Then tap on "Medical ID"


All the important info like EMERGENCY CONTACT, ALLERGIES, WEIGHT AND HEIGHT, BLOOD TYPE etc will be visible. TADA.

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