How to Slow your ceiling fan (without the need of electrical modification)

Now, for the record, almost ALL Malaysians would be interested in looking for ways to INCREASE their fan speed, due to the nature of our hot and humid weather. However, I do come across cases of parents with new born children looking for ways to DECREASE or slow their ceiling fan speed, slower than the minimum "1" or 1st speed. The reason is their newborn will tend to have blocked nose, or nasal congestion when exposed to faster fan speeds. Why not turn off the fan totally you ask? Well, if you have to ask, you're not from Malaysia! :D (It's just too damn humid to sleep without a fan!)

I have found a solution to the problems of these minorities via trial and error. When I 1st started to interview electricians, most of them scoffed at the notion, saying it can't be done. Others suggested using a dimmer, like the ones used on lights. Problem is, these dimmers don't really work well when coupled with a fan speed controller, unless you rewire them completely. And THAT may be quite dangerous.

My solution is reversible, cheap, and easy to achieve. All you really need is the guts to go to any KFC counter and ask: "Can I have 9 straws for that cup of Coke?"

You'll get it when you look at the picture below. What I'm trying to do is to disrupt the aerodynamics of the fan blades so that the airflow yield is much less than intended. Basically, I'm making the design of the fan, just plain lousy (to the engineer that is)

First step is, slit the straws along the red lines like this

Then get a ladder, some cellophane tape, and stick them on the fan blades like this

Each blade will need approximately 2 straws. If you have an extraordinarily large fan, just add one more straw per blade. This should be done on the flat part (the part that is cutting through the air) and NOT the trailing bent part. I also need to stress about the safety precautions that need to be taken when working with ladders and ceiling fans.

The completed picture will look like this

After completing this, go on and try out your new, SLOOOOW fan :P it should yield as much as 50% less wind speed after the modification. Best thing is, if you want the speed to go back up, just turn the fan speed to number up, without the need to remove the straws. Basically, we have just added a number "0.5" to the fan speed controller.

Happy staying warm! :P