Abbott CG210, or CG 210...What is it, how is it different from other hair tonics?

Since its launch, Abbott CG 210 has been receiving a warm welcome both online and in our retail outlets. But almost all the customers who purchase this will ask the magic question

"How is it different from the other hair-growing sprays i was using?"

Good Question. The most common hair-stimulating spray is Minoxidil. We'll try to answer this question the best we can here.


1st Difference: CG 210 is NOT medicated

CG 210 is made from a few natural ingredients, namely Onions, Garlics, Lemon extract, Cocoa/Cacao Seed extract, and Guarana Seed Extract, and some excipients. All these ingredients contained are Non-drug based, and can be sold without a doctor's prescription.

Minoxidil hair sprays like Regaine, Regro, Hair-grow etc are considered controlled medication. They can only be dispensed by a registered pharmacist.


 2nd Difference: CG 210 works in a different way than minoxidil

CG 210 works by reducing hair cell death (apoptosis), and making the cell stay longer in its "healthy, growing" phase called Anagen phase. This will in turn reduce the total number of hair follicles that are in the Telogen Phase-- the hair fall phase.

Because of this, our hair will have a chance to grow not only in numbers, but also in diameter (you get thicker, healthier hair). You will also notice a reduction in hair fall or shedding.

Minoxidil works by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles that are NOT actively growing. This makes hair grow faster than they normally do, but at the same time, these hair reach the telogen phase faster too. Consequently, the hair that grows are typically thinner, and die off faster compared to normal, healthy hair.


3rd Difference: CG 210 works only on places where hair is already growing.

Some men may have used minoxidil based sprays to "Enhance their Manliness" e.g. growing chest hair, sideburns etc. While that is possible with minoxidil based sprays, CG 210 Will NOT work. So, don't waste your time and money using CG210 to man -up! :)


Other interesting tips on CG210

  • It can be used together with finasteride containing medication like Propecia® . In fact, it has been proven that it works BETTER with Propecia!
  • Women respond equally well as men to CG 210. Abbott has a study called CATSCH that even proves that women can have longer hair due to longer hair life span!
  • CG 210 works as soon as 44 days during trials. So don't expect anything different before that!
  • CG210 has No known drug interactions. This means that you can use CG 210 even if you are on long term medicatio.
  • Even after stopping the use of CG 210, users do not experience heavy hair fall phenomenon.