Terumo Medisafe Fit, Nanopass

Terumo Medisafe is a blood glucose monitoring system perfect for those who are worried that a blood test will be too painful for them. Armed with the LEAST painful lancet in the world (arguably), Terumo blood glucose systems let you monitor you blood glucose pain and hassle free!

The New Meter comes with a DUAL BEAM technology, greatly improving the accuracy of it's previous version, the medisafe mini.

Below is a video showing you how to Do the test yourself!


Terumo Nanopass, Arguably the least painful Insulin Pen Needles! :)




Asymmetric edge

The unique asymmetric edge of NANOPASS cuts the skin instead of puncturing it.

This decreases the resistance while penetrating the skin. Another step towards virtually painless insulin injection.

  • Pain is primarily related to needle thickness. There are 100-200 pain receptors per cm² human skin surface. NANOPASS 34 decreases the probability of touching the pain receptors and therefore makes the insulin injection virtually painless.
  • NANOPASS 34 causes less skin trauma than larger needle sizes, which results in less pain.


Slim double tapered shape

The patented slim double tapered needle shape reduces the insulin injection force significantly.

Although the needle tip is 34G, NANOPASS 34 provides less injection force than a conventional 32G pen needle*.

NANOPASS 34 combines virtually painless injection with easy handling.