Nusasa -Organic and Natural Health Food

Nusasa is a brand of Organic and Healthy food, aiming to reshape our society's habit's of snacking. Famous for their delicious snacks for all ages of life, all in the family can enjoy healthier snacks. Be it in front of the television, in the car during a long trip, or just to fill the itch of snacking in between meals.


 Apart from healthy snacks, Nusasa boasts a range of innovative new organic food that adds zest into otherwise mundane, plain oat meals. Below are a few examples of this flavourful breakfast instant oatmeal. 


Nusasa Blueberry Sprouted Flaxseeds (Instant Oatmeal) Ready to serveand  Nusasa Goji Berry Sprouted Flaxseeds (Instant Oatmeal) Ready to serve



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