Nectaflor, Swiss family tradition since 1958

The Unique honey production process of Nectaflor Honeys

Nectaflor honey is carefully selected from the best vineyards and farms from around the world. We emphasise greatly on a close collaboration with our producers, because this guarantees us first-class natural products/raw materials.

Once the honey arrives at our production facility, it is subjected to strict qualitative and quantitative tests. These checks are carried out in accordance to Swiss and European standards, referred to by our specialists in our company's laboratory. The classification and formulation of honey is made based on the different flavors, colors and the chemical and physical properties of our analyzes. 

In a complex yet meticulous process, natural honey is treated gently to preserve the goodness in the honey. Automated systems guarantee absolute hygiene during the filling of the precious resource. Nectaflor honey comes with a Tamper Resistant Seal that assures the finished product in our warehouse remains in its honeycombed nectaflor honey jar, untouched. We go to great lengths to ensure the finished products are never contaminated even after leaving our warehouse. Our Quality control goes far beyond the warehouse, as we carry out random inspections of products being sold worldwide.


Nectaflor is the leading honey brand in Switzerland. Founded in 1958, the company's insistence on quality has made Nectaflor synonymous with finest honey, select dried fruit, nuts and kernels as well as syrup made from fresh fruit, berries, blossoms and herbs.

Our specialists travel the world for the procurement of first class components, which they scrutinise with the utmost care. Here, the aroma, the authentic flavor and nutrients from the crop retained well after production, right till the moment of consumption. The company also pays special attention on "What's good for nature". In line with this philosophy, the company has decided to cover the power needs of their business with the new ESB power package, the energy without nuclear electricity from 100% hydropower in Switzerland. In our own laboratory, each product is carefully analyzed in order to guarantee a first-class quality.


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